BTC Bahamas Sim Card
Destination Bahamas - Go with MRSIMCARD. +1-7039534567 - WhatsApp / SMS / Tel

Get your BTC Bahamas local (242)-XXX-XXXX sim before you set off for the Bahamas. Only BTC includes Unlimited Talk, Text, 4G LTE data and International calling to USA and Canada. Skip the long lines at the store and get connected the moment you come within range of a BTC Bahamas cell tower.
We ship you your BTC sim straight away from Washington DC. and schedule activation for your arrival date. Yes we can adjust activation for weather. We are always available to take your questions. Call Us | Text Us | WhatsApp

The frequencies that BTC uses are: 850 and 1900 MHz for Voice; 850 MHz for HSPA+ (4G), and HSPA (3G) Data, and 700 MHz B17 for 4G LTE. Late model iPhones & Android smartphones work properly in the Bahamas. Make certain your phone is network unlocked. Canadian phones and Verizon 4G phones are already unlocked for international use. AT&T / T-Mobile phones require you contact your carrier to check for unlock status, and request unlock. We do offer a Dual Sim Nokia 6300 4G phone specially configured for use in the Bahamas with a hotspot button programmed on the handset. This is an excellent choice as a Boat Phone and hotspot device in one unit. The phone is available with and without a BTC sim included. A sim is required to make hotspot work.

How it works!
1. Make certain you have an unlocked phone for your trip.
2. Find the BTC Data Plan or BTC Combo Plan that works for you.
3. Add some EZ CASH to cover your plan. EZ CASH is convenient. Skip the Line
5. Sim card is $29.99 and activation service charge is $5.99 additional.

BTC Bahamas Sim - $29.99.

Sim Tray Tool $3.29*->  

BTC 3 in 1 Sim
**TIP - WhatsApp Text and Facebook Messenger Text on the Always On plan will run for 30 days.

If you are staying longer than 7 days or need more data, you should consume the 7 day Always On Plan first and then change to another plan. Add some extra money (EZ CASH) to the line to cover the cost of your next plan plus VAT. Once the Always On plan is consumed you can use the onscreen menu (Dial *203#) to activate another plan.

$3.49 1DY 1GB 1000 100 1 HR UNL *203*4#
$6.90 7DY 650MB 60 60 1 HR UNL *203*7#
$11.80 7DY 2GB UNL 500 1 HR UNL *203*12#
$14.70 7DY 3GB UNL LOCAL UNL 1 HR UNL *203*15#
$19.60 10DY 6GB UNL LOCAL UNL 1 HR UNL *203*25#
$29.99 15DY 15GB UNL BTC 1000 1 HR UNL *203#
$38.30 30DY 4GB UNL LOCAL UNL 1 HR UNL *203#
$60.00 30DY 10GB UNL LOCAL UNL 1 HR UNL *203#
*Bahamas Vat 12% is included.
The BTC Bahamas sim comes with the 7 day Always On Plan included.
Overage rates: 0.33/min peek; 0.15/min off-peek; 0.20/min weekend; 0.05 per sms.
Overage rate USA & Canada: 0.40/min; 0.16/SMS.
To activate a combo plan dial to relevant short code or *203#
***IMPORTANT - Please understand that loading cash to the line does not automatically load a plan to the line. You must choose a plan using the *203# menu. If you consume the cash loaded to the line before you subscribe to a plan you will have to add some more cash to the line to pay for your plan.

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Long stays are easy. Lets consider two scenarios.

1. 5 week stay using an Always On and a Combo Plan..
The 30 day 10GB Combo plans costs $60 and lasts 30 days.
Combo Plan Cost with Vat (12%) is $67.20.
5 weeks is 37 days.
You can order the sim and add $75 cash to the line. Upon activation the service starts with the 7 day Always On (Starter Plan) activated. At the end of 7 day Always On you can activate the 30 day Combo for $67.20. BTC system deducts $67.20 and the 30 Day Combo plan activates. The plan will auto renew every 30 days if you have sufficient cash loaded. You can check balance (*201#) to ensure you have sufficient cash loaded to your line.

2. 3 month stay using 15 GB data plan.
The 30 day 15GB data plan costs $39.20 and lasts 30 days.
Lets round that up to $40.
3 months is approximately 90 days.
You can order the sim and add $129 cash to the line. Upon activation the service starts with the 7 day Always On (Starter Plan) activated. At the end of 7 day Always On you can activate the 30 day data plan for $39.20. Upon activation the BTC system deducts $39.20 and the plan activates. The plan will auto renew every 30 days. As you come close to the 60 days on island you should check balance (*201#) to ensure you have sufficient cash to cover the second renewal. In this case the extra cash on the line is used for outbound calls and text messages so you will keep an eye on your balance to ensure you have enough cash for the auto renew.

Activating the plan upon arrival in the Bahamas.

At this point you have received your sim; you have completed online registration; you have sailed or flown to the Bahamas and are ready to activate service. Initial activation is accomplished by the addition of a refill pin or electronic topup to the line. This electronic topup triggers the Always On (Starter Plan) plan.
Each morning at MRSIMCARD, we look at daily activations. We will generate an electronic topup for your line on the morning of the activation day to start service on lines scheduled for activation. If your arrival date changes, please update your arrival date before currently scheduled activation date.

Insert the sim into the phone (let us assume an iPhone) and power on the phone. The phone comes alive and picks up the BTC Network. Confirm that the APN is set to "". It should auto populate to your phone.
1. Confirm you have your EZ Cash loaded to the line by dialing *201# and press send.
Test your phone and enjoy.

If you are activating a plan beyond the 7 day starter plan you can dial *203# and select option 1 for English. You will get to the Main Menu.
From the Main Menu you can select:
Option 2 for New Combo Plans
Option 3 for Data Only Plans
Option 5 for More where you will find the $29.99 Large Combo Plan.

Share a photo from the Bahamas with us when you arrive. Just post it on Instagram with Hashtag #gowithmrsim.
Please follow @mrsimcards on Instagram.
Thank you for your business!

Using your Service

Local calls: Dial 242 + area code + phone number
International calls: Dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number.
For example - to call The Hilton London Kensington Hotel in the UK, dial 00-44-20 7603 3355
Call the USA/Canada: Dial 1 + (area code) + phone number.
For example - to call MRSIMCARD, dial 1 703-9534567

Data Settings

Service: Internet

  • APN:
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank
Tethering is allowed. If you are using iPhone/iPad then you need the APN only -

Frequently Asked Questions
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- How can I contact BTC directly?
- My arrival date changed. How can I update my Bahamas arrival date?
- Where do I Refill / Topup BTC Bahamas?
- Where do I Refill Aliv Bahamas?
- BTC Retail Store Locations in the islands

Go with Mr. Sim

SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp
Message to +1.703.9534567

Call Sim Support Washington DC, USA.

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