BTC Bahamas Sim (now with 4G LTE Data).

+ Sim $24
+ Activation Svc Chg $4.99

BTC Bahamas Service Plan:

BTC Extra Airtime:

 Pick Date

Add a Sim Tray Removal tool $3.29 

Plans for iPhone / Android / Smartphones / Blackberry
Period Included Data Talk / Text + International Cost
10 Day Plan 1 GB 4G FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $30
30 Day Plan 2 GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $35.50
30 Day Plan 6 GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $49.50
30 Day Plan Limitless GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $60.25
Data Only Plans for iPad, Tablets, MiFi
Period Included Data N/A Cost
30 Day Data Only 2GB 4GLTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $30 Note*
30 Day Data Only 6GB 4GLTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $40 Note*
30 Day Data Limitless GB 4GLTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $50 Note*

4g LTE The BTC Bahamas "Sunshine Sim Deal" includes:
- Unlimited Free Incoming calls on the BTC 242 number
- Unlimited Free Incoming text on the BTC 242 number
- Local calls are $0.33c/min peak, and local texts are $0.05c/text.
You can subscribe to BTC Bahamas data service and surf the web from your unlocked iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry, iPad... etc. We can help you make it work. Just make certain it is unlocked. If you prefer data only; we can accommodate you. Give us a call and we will help get you sorted out.

** Please note that the Limitless data plan has a 15 Gigabyte Cap.
** Please note that you will insert this sim into a phone and from the phone subscribe to data. After subscribing to data you can insert the sim into a data device / Modem and set the APN - You must register the device IMEI if you plan to use data in the Bahamas.


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Our BTC Bahamas sim card comes either empty or loaded with USD $10 or $40 and possibly with a data or blackberry feature included. The BTC Bahamas sim features Free incoming calls and text and low cost outgoing calls and text messages while you are in the Bahamas. The sim card will roam overseas, but you must activate the sim card first in the Bahamas. We will topup your sim card just before your arrival in the Bahamas to light up your sim card. You can then subscribe to data, and away you go!.

The frequencies that BTC uses are: 850 and 1900 MHz for Voice; 850 MHz for HSPA Data, and 700 MHz for LTE, so make sure you have a compatible GSM phone ready for your trip. We have them available with a sim included if needed. See below

Alcatel A510A with BTC Bahamas Sim.

Only $49.99 Unlocked from Mrsimcard

The "Alcatel A510A" is a compact unlocked GSM phone with a BTC Sim plus $10 cash included. This unlocked phone works all over the world and is a great choice for simple communications without too much cost.

Data capable 3G, Candy bar Phone, includes BTC Bahamas Sim and cash loaded at activation.


How it Works

1. Order Sim online. We will ship it to you from Washington DC.
2. We will activate the line and add airtime to it 2 days before you travel to the Bahamas. Look for the scheduling email from us.
3. Please provide us your device IMEI so we can register it with BTC before you arrive. This will allow you to subscribe to data from your device.
4. Insert the sim. Power cycle the the phone.
5. Start the data service by dialing the code provided to start data.
6. Configure data and Enjoy!
-- Note - Activation issues - Latest update

Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage
Pull in to Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage - Convenient and easy location to get in and out of. Well maintained, good Wifi, water and electric above average, very clean restrooms and showers, crew lounge and bicycles are provided for. The marina is also in an ideal location across the street from downtown Stuart. Good restaurant and bar on property (Sailor's Return).
Shipping address:
Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage
615 SW Anchorage Way, Stuart, FL 34994.
Call +1-(772) 283-9225 or Send an Email
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Sunset Bay Marina Listing.

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