BTC Bahamas Sim (now with 4G LTE Data).

+ Sim $29.99
+ Activation Svc Chg $4.99

BTC Bahamas Service Plan:

BTC Extra Airtime:

 Pick Date

Add a Sim Tray Removal tool $3.29 

Plans for iPhone / Android / Smartphones / Blackberry
Period Included Data Talk / Text + International Cost
10 Day Plan 1 GB 4G FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $30
30 Day Plan 2 GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $35.50
30 Day Plan 6 GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $49.50
30 Day Plan Limitless GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $10 inc. Rates $60.25
30 Day Plan Limitless GB 4GLTE FREE incoming Calls / Text + $40 inc. Rates $90.25
Data Only Plans for iPad, Tablets, MiFi
Period Included Data N/A Cost
10 Day Data Only 1GB 4G LTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $20 Note*
30 Day Data Only 2GB 4GLTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $30 Note*
30 Day Data Only 6GB 4GLTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $45 Note*
30 Day Data Limitless GB 4GLTE Must activate data plan in a phone first. $55 Note*

4g LTE The BTC Bahamas "Sunshine Sim Deal" includes:
- Unlimited Free Incoming calls on the BTC 242 number
- Unlimited Free Incoming text on the BTC 242 number
- Local calls are $0.33c/min peak, and local texts are $0.05c/text.
You can subscribe to BTC Bahamas data service and surf the web from your unlocked iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry, iPad... etc. We can help you make it work. Just make certain it is unlocked. If you prefer data only; we can accommodate you. Give us a call and we will help get you sorted out.

** Please note that the Limitless data plan has a 15 Gigabyte Cap.
** Please note that you will insert this sim into a phone and from the phone subscribe to data. After subscribing to data you can insert the sim into a data device / Modem and set the APN - You must register the device IMEI if you plan to use data in the Bahamas.

Our BTC Bahamas sim card comes either empty or loaded with USD $10 or $40 and possibly with a data or blackberry feature included. The BTC Bahamas sim features Free incoming calls and text and low cost outgoing calls and text messages while you are in the Bahamas. The sim card will roam overseas, but you must activate the sim card first in the Bahamas. We will topup your sim card just before your arrival in the Bahamas to light up your sim card. You can then subscribe to data, and away you go!.

The frequencies that BTC uses are: 850 and 1900 MHz for Voice; 850 MHz for HSPA Data, and 700 MHz for LTE, so make sure you have a compatible GSM phone ready for your trip. We have them available with a sim included if needed. See below

Apple iPhone 5C Quad band Smartphone, Unlocked

$139.00 from Mrsimcard

4G LTE Data, Bluetooth, Speakerphone, Hotspot Capable

The iPhone 5c is a factory refurbished device in excellent condition. It might have a few scratches or scuff marks. The device is Fully functional. This is an excellent choice for global use as well as for hotspot.
Sim not included.

BTC Bahamas Call Rates ** Now even lower!

All prepaid accounts receive caller id, call waiting, multiparty calling and voicemail free of charge. Call rates are USD/Minute.
Incoming calls - Free Incoming Calls - Yea!.
Local calls - $0.33USD 7am-7pm, $0.15USD 7pm-7am, $0.20USD Sat-Sun.
International calls - $0.99USD - Yea!
Local text - $0.05USD.
International text - $0.15USD. (See BTC Bahamas Tariff).

Bahamas Data Specs

What device frequencies are used in the Bahamas?
The following device settings are compatible:
Talk / Text - BTC uses 850 MHz and 1900 MHz
Data (4G/4G) - BTC uses 850 MHz for HSPA+ (4G) and HSPA (3G)
Data (LTE) - BTC uses 700 MHz for LTE (4G LTE) using band 17

**Note - You will need to insert this sim into a phone to start the data service. Once this is done, you will insert the sim into your data device and set the apn to begin using data.
The data sim works in iPads, tablets, mifi routers, blackberries..etc. You can always add more data if needed while in the Bahamas.

BTC Bahamas Add-On Features

BTC Bahamas 4G Data Plan

BTC Bahamas offers GPRS, EDGE, 4G, and even 4G LTE data service. There are four 30 day plans available. The user subscribes via sms from the handset. The service is subscribed via a data menu. Dial *205# and "Send" to subscribe, but wait until arrival on island to start data. The feature pricing is below and is paid for by deducting the appropriate amount from the balance on your line.

10 days / ~($0USD) - 1GB
30 days / ~($10USD) - 2GB

How it works:
Use *205#, option 2 to see and activate new plans once your current plans expire. And you can ALWAYS check your data remaining, by dialing *205#, option 1.

-- Note - Current activation issue - Latest update


Using your iPad in the Bahamas

Yes you can. Your iPad does not have a dial-pad, so you will need to insert the iPad sim into a phone to use the phones dial-pad to subscribe to data. Dial *205# and "send" to subscribe. Follow the on screen menu to complete data subscription. You can then insert the sim into the iPad, set the APN ( and Enjoy. Order your iPad sim above.

Device Configuration

IP address -
Port - 8080
Username - test
Password - test

IP address -
Port - 8080
Username - test
Password - test

BTC Device Registration

In order to use data in the Bahamas your device must register on the BTC network and be associated with your sim card / phone number. Some networks do this automatically when the device powers on. BTC does not. You must register the device with BTC to subscribe to data.
You can walk into a BTC store where a representative will take your info and register the device. Once this is complete you can then subscribe to data from your phone.
You can provide us your device IMEI using the registration form. We will email the info to BTC. They will register the device and confirm to us via email. Once this is complete you can then subscribe to data from your phone.

If you do not register the device, you will not be able to subscribe to data from the device.

Are you Sailing over.

ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook includes marina reviews, moorings, contact information, pricing, services, amenities, maps, charts, anchorages. Before you go - Connect and save $5 on your Bahamas sim as a member benefit for Active Captain members.!

What about my Sim Card
Go ahead and order a sim card. Your sim is shipped dormant with a phone number attached. We can make it active by adding funds to the line.
Email/iMessage to or
Send a text to +17039534567 or
Send a tweet to @mrsimcard, or
Call +1-703-953-2272 to advise your departure date when your weather window opens. We will activate the service straight away. We need your Order Number / Shopper ID to look up your order.

Customs and Immigration
Vacationers looking to sail themselves into a Bahamian port should be aware of several requirements. Sailors must clear Customs and Immigration in a Port of Entry. The two major ports are, of course, Freeport and Nassau. When entering the port, fly a yellow quarantine flag and notify Customs. Only the captain may leave the boat until Customs has been cleared.
Download The Bahamas Marina Guide for detailed information and specifications on marinas in The Out Islands. The Bahamas Marina Guide

For additional travel information, check with the Port Authority Department in Nassau at 242-322-1596 or 242-326-7354

How it Works

1. Order Sim online. We will ship it to you from Washington DC.
2. We will activate the line and add airtime to it 2 days before you travel to the Bahamas. Look for the scheduling email from us.
3. Please provide us your device IMEI so we can register it with BTC before you arrive. This will allow you to subscribe to data from your device.
4. Insert the sim. Power cycle the the phone.
5. Start the data service by dialing the code provided to start data.
6. Configure data and Enjoy!
-- Note - Activation issues - Latest update

Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage
Pull in to Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage - Convenient and easy location to get in and out of. Well maintained, good Wifi, water and electric above average, very clean restrooms and showers, crew lounge and bicycles are provided for. The marina is also in an ideal location across the street from downtown Stuart. Good restaurant and bar on property (Sailor's Return).
Shipping address:
Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage
615 SW Anchorage Way, Stuart, FL 34994.
Call +1-(772) 283-9225 or Send an Email
Active Captain:
Sunset Bay Marina Listing.


iPhone Tips / Tools

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Refill BTC Bahamas Here.
Type your BTC number here -no spaces-
(eg.. 2425354285)

Need Help
Call +1-703-953-2272
Tweet to @mrsimcard
Send an SMS to +1-703-953-4567


Check your balance

Enter *201# then press send and your balance will appear on the screen of your phone.

Can I keep my sim alive

Please remember that you have 80 days in which to top up your prepaid account after you have begun using your prepaid account. The start date is the date the sim was first recharged. If you fail to Top up/ Recharge, your account will be deactivated.... Note - Don't wait until day 80 to do something about it... Add a little each month to keep it going.

BTC International Roaming

Just because you're traveling, doesn't mean you have to lose connections. Mobile customers who travel can roam wherever we have roaming partnerships. We've made it easy to stay in touch with friends and family, so you can travel worry-free. [..learn more]


Issue - A customer bought a sim in October for travel in November. The sim was funded for his transit, but he did not make it to the Bahamas (Boat trouble). What can he do to keep the sim alive for travel once repairs are made?

Answer - If customer does nothing and assumes the sim is not alive because he did not arrive as yet, he is mistaken. Sim is alive 90 days from the funding date such that data can be activated upon customer arrival in the Bahamas. If he does not arrive the Bahamas within 90 days the sim will die and the money will be lost. He can however topup the line online at with a minimal amount (as little as $3) to keep the sim and its balance alive another 90 days. Customer should contact "mrsimcard" to discuss options.

How to Recharge!

1. Use the Refill box below.
2. Type your mobile number in the box.
3. Select a Refill dollar amount.
4. Complete Payment through Paypal or Amazon.
5. We suggest Paypal Express Checkout.
6. We will add the airtime to your line.

Call BTC Customer Service.

For rate inquiries, fees or support, please use the following:
Phone: CALL BTC NASSAU: +1-242-225-5282
Send an email:

Chat to mrsimcard via iMessage from:
WHATSAPP: +17039534567 |

Contact Us

Contact Customer Care at +1-703-953-2272 or +61261452511 or +44.7700304300 from your wireless phone.
You can also send an email to Sim Support.
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