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We have excellent solutions for travel to Brazil. You can order a Brazil sim before departure so it will work the moment you arrive. Our Three UK and O O Mobile Global Sim cards are excellent choices allowing talk text and data service. The AOW Global Sim card is a true data only sim which works in 90+ countries. Get your sim before you go!

O O Mobile Global TravelSim!

The O O Mobile Global TravelSim will save you money from day one. This is a sim you will use again and again with incoming calls (+372 number) in 199+ countries including all of Europe and Brazil. The Brazil bundle includes 1 Gig or 2 Gig of 4G data on the largest GSM network in Brazil. There are data packs avail in 100+ countries and a massive 5GB data bundle available in India, Israel, China, Hong Kong for $28. When your credit runs low, simply top up your account online at, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. [ ..Let's Go! ]

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile USA now works in Brazil with unlimited talk, text, data on a USA number in Brazil and all of Latin America. Don't stress about Brazil Registration with a local sim cards. Just use a USA Simple Mobile sim instead. Its Unlimited. [ ..Let's Go! ]

Three Feel At Home

Our Three sim includes 1gb, 5gb or 12gb data along with 3000 mins of talk and 3000 sms to UK numbers. This sim is setup before you travel to Brazil so you will arrive with a working phone. No registration is required. Best of all your data plan rocks in 60 countries. Text, Tweet, Surf away with Three. [.. Let's Go! ]

AOW Global Data Sim

Always Online Wireless Global data sim is an on demand multiple use data only sim card that costs only $14.99. AOW supports 4G LTE data in more than 90 countries. It is really the easiest data sim we offer. Perfect for iPad and iPhone data only use. Just get one and go! [ ..Let's Go! ]


We have chosen the best offers available for Summer travel to Brazil. Our Tim Brazil sim is offered as a basic sim and requires activation upon arrival in Brazil. At activation you will have a local Brazilian number and at that point you can topup and subscribe to local Brazilian service. [ .. Let's Go! ]

Vivo Brazil

The Vivo Brazil sim is another popular local sim. This sim is also offered as a basic sim. Upon arrival in Brazil the customer will contact Vivo Brazil customer service for activation. Your local number will allow you to subscribe to local data offers. Remember that Brazil numbers are city specific and you will want a number from the city you are visiting. [.. Let's Go! ]

Our sim cards for Tim and Vivo are offered as Triple Cut sims. This means that you can press out the size you need nano, micro, mini to fit your handset or tablet. All three are accommodated. Thats cool.

Identification / Registration

Registration is a requirement in Brazil. Its easy to do and a must if you want to use a Brazil sim in Brazil. The alternative is International roaming or a Global sim. The user can activate their SIM cards by providing a valid CPF number. A simple way to do this is to call any number from their device so the activation system is reached and type the CPF number when it is asked for.

Users without a CPF number can contact the operators special service for non-Brazilian residents, which might require personal information to register such as a passport number and home address.

What is CPF?
The Brazilian Taxpayer Registry (Cadastro de Pessoa Física), known as CPF, is a database administrated by the Federal Revenue, that stores information of its registered people. It is a document for Brazilians, foreigners that live in Brazil and foreigners that live abroad but have assets or business in Brazil.
This step will allow the SIM card access to the operator’s plans. You can now use various short codes to activate carrier data services. Some SIM cards come pre-loaded with credit which can be checked by its user by calling a specific number provided by the operator from which a SMS message is sent showing the total charges available for that card. These numbers are:

Order Process

Place an order on the sim order page and we will process and ship your sim within 24 hours. Tim and Vivo require registration upon arrival and the Data sim does not require registration.

Arrive Brazil - Call the appropriate registration number to get started.
Add money online at
Enjoy Brazil.
Questions - See below.

How it Works

1. Order Sim and advise us your travel date.
2. We will activate the Global roaming sim or the Three Sim just before your arrival. The Vivo and Tim Sims are sold sim only. Activate upon arrival.
3. Arrive Brazil. Insert the sim. Power cycle the the phone.
4. Set the APN.
5. Enjoy.

Do you need help choosing a sim?
Q. - Tell us your trip details (e.g. - We are Coming to America! / 7 - 14 days / iPhone X - We need a sim for iPhone and iPad). Can you deliver to my Hotel?

A. - We will email / text you a solution.

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