St. Lucia 2013
neww The Weather is Wonderful - Come on down!
Days filled with sunshine, velvet soft nights and breathtaking scenery are only some of the ingredients that create the unique feel and taste that reflect St. Maarten. Bring your phone a stay connected in "Chippieland". We have the best sim for St. Maarten / St. Martin - Go : Chippie St. Maarten |


Experience the benefits of Chippieland!
Place and receive calls at the local rate of the Chippieland destination you are visiting,You can be reached on your own SXM mobile number, No roaming costs will be charged.

Chippieland is a collection of different islands and countries and it consists of:
Curaçao, Bonaire, Saba, Surinam, St. Eustatius, Dutch St. Maarten, French St. Martin, St. Kitts & Nevis.

Period Talk Text Data Airtime Cost
Micro Sims and Nano Sims are available. Click on "Make my sim a micro / nano sim" in the shopping cart!
10dy Sim Unlimited
Free Incoming
Free Incoming
2.5GIG $4 NAF $59.99 -BUY NOW
30dy Sim Unlimited
Free Incoming
Free Incoming
N/A $20 NAF $44.99 -BUY NOW

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AT&T USA Visit USA Unlimited Talk & Text

Enjoy the services of a name you know and trust. Unlimited USA Talk and Unlimited USA/Global SMS on the largest GSM network in the USA. You are charged only on days you use the service for outbound talk, text, of if you answer the phone. After the first call of the day you are Unlimited until midnight.
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The best choices for European Data! Three UK - Now with "All You Can Eat Data" in the UK and 16 "Feel at Home" countries. You are now free to do what you like without worrying about your phone bill. With "All You Can Eat", you get 300 minutes and 3000 texts, all-you-can-eat data and £5 for out of plan calling.
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Global Sim - All Europe

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European Country Sims

Austria BFree GO
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Caribbean Sim Cards

A Caribbean sim with an unlocked phone will save you a bundle when traveling throughout the Caribbean. You could also use an AT&T data sim for iPad connectivity.
Get your "Chippie" sim for talk text and data connection across the Dutch Caribbean inlands with continuous service in 8 territories on one sim: Aruba, Boanire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Surinam.

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iPad Sim USA

Announcing a New Sim

We now offer three sim cards for Brazil - TIM Brazil is a local Brazilian sim. Its the first choice for talk, text, data in Brazil. We also offer two great global roaming sims for Brazil - OOMOBILE GLobal and FreeTime Global.
We also recharge all the major carriers in Brazil.
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USA Service for Canadians

Order a daily, weekly or monthly sim for Canadians visiting the USA and enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data with no roaming fees. .

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Visiting the Holy Lands?

Choose an Israeli sim card for lowest cost talk, text, and data with easy activation.
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