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Join our Non-Exclusive dealer program and immediately get access to multiple country Sims and eSims - Jamaica, Canada, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, India, Dominican Republic, Israel, UK, Greece, Australia, Colombia, Brazil and more. We are aggressively looking for Airport retail operations, Travel Agents and local Wireless Merchants in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Israel, Western Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

Starter Kit for Prepaid Dealers
Get started selling Prepaid GSM service today.

The New Dealer Kit includes:
  1. (5) LYCAMOBILE USA Blank Sims
  2. Lycamobile USA activation portal with discounted plan access.
  3. (5) THREE UK
  4. (2) O O Mobile Global Sim

Cost: $29.99

Starter Kit for Lycamoile 622 Dealers
The Lyca 622 New Dealer Kit includes:
  1. (50) LYCAMOBILE USA Preloaded Sims
    Activate this sim by inserting the sim into a phone for self activation.

Cost: $569.99

Order your starter kit and we will contact you to get your dealer account setup. Get started with Lyca and then add more. We move fast.

Lycamobile Blank Sim Deal
Just Blank SIms:
  • (50) LYCAMOBILE USA Sims
    Blank Sims only

Cost: $149.99

sam USA / International Partner Program
International Vendors - Are you a merchant looking to expand your offerings to include wireless service. Talk to us. We can easily expand your access to many markets and benefit from your expertise in certain market. Please note that there are markets that we must exclude. We are also not obliged to do business with you. We do require good business.

International - We are aggressively seeking country partners to represent mrsimcard in your home country. This partnership with draw business to the individual retailer while at the same time expose the retailer to a world of opportunity with mrsimcard.

Your customers want the best service possible without the commitment of a contract, or the need for silly credit checks. Prepaid wireless provides exactly that. Our customers come from all parts of the world and or travel to all parts of the world. We sell sims that work there.

Let's work together in selling prepaid wireless.

International. Carriers - We want to work with you!
Mr.SimCard distributes Sim Card products, prepaid refills, and long distance calling cards. We offer local and International Sim Cards in a growing number of markets and would welcome the opportunity to speak with your company about offering and distributing your product. We can tailor distribution to address e-commerce needs via Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Spotify to name a few. We will always welcome a conversation about how we could work together.

Our merchants are supported, trained, driven to sell. Our sim partners are as committed to prepaid sales as we are, which leads to great opportunities for you.



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+1.703.953.2272 (Office)
Wholesale inquiries should be directed to: Wholesale

Mr. SimCard Sim Sales at wholesale prices are available to corporate customers, retailers selling wireless and to Prepay Point pin merchants. Please send an email to Sim Sales and we will respond with a price-list.

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Call Sim Support Washington DC, USA.

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