Vodafone UK Sim Card

Enjoy high speed data with our Pay as you go bundles. The 100GB bundle is 5G ready. Just put it in upon arrival in the UK and "Rock On".

We have now added the ability to pre purchase multiple months at the time of the initial order. We had a special request from Students at University of Chicago, Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina and VCU going to Europe for Fall Semester / Quarter Abroad.

Vodafone UK Sim - UK + Ireland & Isle of Man.
30 Days Talk Text Data Intnl Cost
BVB10 UNL UNL 7 GB --- $25
BVB20 UNL UNL 40 GB $5 $45
BVB30 UNL UNL 100 GB $5 $55

+3in1 Sim $5.00
+Activation $4.99

Add WorldTalk $5.00 

How it Works

1. Order Sim and advise us your travel date.
2. Once you receive your sim card, please put it into your phone so the sim card can wake up. This is an important first step.
3. We will fund the plan 2 days before your stated travel date.
4. Insert the sim and power the the phone.
5. Turn Data Roaming OFF until you travel if necessary.
6. Set the APN "pp.vodafone.co.uk" . Set the Username and Password to "wap".
7. Enjoy!

BVB Tips

Big Value Bundles feature "Total Rollover". Roll over any unused data into your next 30 day bundle. Unused allowances will only roll over from one Pay as you go Bundle to the next if your bundle renews automatically on the day your previous bundle expires. If you choose to change your bundle, or it doesn't automatically renew (usually due to a lack of credit on your account), any unused data will not roll over.

Switching your bundle. You can switch to a different 30 day bundle at any time using the Vodafone app or by texting a short code to 49501.
If you use up your allowance before the 30-day period is over, you can renew your Big Value Bundle early to get more minutes, texts and data. To renew your Big Value Bundle, you must first add cash to your line to cover the plan you need. Then you can renew by text:

BVB05 to 49501 to renew your £5 Bundle
BVB10 to 49501 to renew your £10 Bundle
BVB15 to 49501 to renew your £15 Bundle
BVB20 to 49501 to renew your £20 Bundle
BVB30 to 49501 to renew your £30 Bundle

Check your Balance

You can check your balance at any time

To see your balance on screen, dial *#1345# free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile. You can also call 2345 free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile.
If you don’t have your mobile with you, call the Pay as you go credit line on +44 (0)3333 048048 from any other mobile or landline (standard call charges apply).

View your Mobile number

You can view your Vodafone number on your cell phone screen:
•  Dial *#100# and press send.

Vodafone UK Info

Vodafone UK English speaking Customer Service is available at 191 from the mobile or +44 7836 191191 from other lines. You can contact an adviser Monday to Sunday, 8am - 6pm EDT.

Vodafone Pay As You Go Europe Zone until June 7, 2022.
1. Aland Islands 2. Austria 3. Azores 4. Balearic Islands 5. Belgium 6. Bulgaria 7. Canary Islands 8. Croatia 9. Cyprus except Northern Cyprus 10. Czech Republic 11. Denmark 12. Estonia 13. Faroe Islands 14. Finland 15. France (inc Corsica) 16. French Guiana 17. Germany 18. Gibraltar 19. Greece 20. Guadeloupe 21. Guernsey 22. Hungary 23. Iceland 24. Ireland 25. Isle of Man 26. Italy 27. Jersey 28. Latvia 29. Liechtenstein 30. Lithuania 31. Luxembourg 32. Madeira 33. Malta 34. Martinique 35. Mayotte 36. Monaco 37. Netherlands 38. Norway 39. Poland 40. Portugal 41. Reunion 42. Romania 43. Saint Barthelemy 44. Saint Martin 45. San Marino 46. Slovakia 47. Slovenia 48. Spain 49. Sweden 50. Switzerland 51. Vatican City
After June 7, this plan will work as described in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man.

Vodafone UK Call Rates

Incoming calls and text messages - UNLIMITED FREE.
Calls to UK numbers - Unlimited free
Local calls outside the EU - Use world talk for local calls.
Local calls inside the EU - Direct dial the EU using Unlimited included minutes.
Other destinations - Use our World Talk feature or a social app.

Vodafone UK High Speed Data is perfect for staying in touch with family while overseas. Your unlocked smartphone is capable of running a variety of video chat applications that are great for sharing such as Skype, Duo, Facetime and Whatsapp. Click here to learn about 6 video chat applications you can use to stay in touch.

What about other calls abroad – to local numbers for example?

Calls and texts to numbers outside of the EU, including local numbers in the place you are visiting, aren’t part of Go Roam and won’t come out of your allowance.

International Calls with WorldTalk

Once you are active with world talk, you will receive the following message via email or text message:

Welcome to Mr. Sim WorldTalk

International dialing Instructions.
Your International access number is +442034146820 .
Dial it first.
Then dial 00 + country code + number + #
i.e. to call mrsimcard +1 703 953 4567 (USA) you would dial 0017039534567#
i.e. to call London Hilton Park Lane +44-207-208-4142 (USA) you would dial 00442072084142#
Your call will then go through.

Vodafone UK data Configuration

If you need help updating the settings for your phone you can visit www.vodafone.co.uk/settings or you can contact Vodafone at www.vodafone.co.uk/support and they will be happy to assist you in configuring the phone.
iPhone / iPad - Set the APN - "pp.vodafone.co.uk".

Android Devices
Name: Vodafone UK
APN: "pp.vodafone.co.uk"
Username:  wap
Password:  wap
MMSC: http://mms.um.vodafone.uk:10021/mmsc
MMS Proxy: mms.vodafone.co.uk
MMS Port: 8799
MCC: 234
MNC: 20
APN Type: default,supl,mms

Alternatively Text WEB to 40127 (free from your Vodafone mobile). You’ll receive a text to let you know your settings are on their way, and then a second text with instructions or a notification – simply follow the steps.

Vodafone UK Phone

Your Phone Number

Your phone number is printed on a sticker which is on the back of your sim packet. it’s the number above the barcode starting 07:
(44) is the country code, the other eleven digits are the number - in this case 07423704131.
To call the number above from the USA, I would dial +44 7423704131 or 011 44 7423704131.
To call the number from the UK, I would dial 07423704131.
Other ways to find your number:

1. Call or text someone.
2. Dial *#100# from the phone and the number will be displayed on the screen.

Calling using WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp Calling, you can place a call to your friends using WhatsApp for free, even if they're in another country. Currently, WhatsApp Calling is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp Calling uses your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes.

Add Friends to WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to chat with a friend over WhatsApp:
1. Make sure the person you are trying to contact has WhatsApp installed.

2 Ensure that you have their number saved in proper international format on your phone. + (Country code) (phone number)
i.e. +1-703-9534567.

3 Inside of the app, go to the Favorites tab, press the button, and select Refresh Favorites.

SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp
Message to +1.703.9534567

Call Sim Support Washington DC, USA.