Vodafone UK Big Value Bundles!.

+ Sim $9.99
+ Activation Svc Chg $4.99

(1) Euro Passport Plan:

 Pick Date

Add MRSIM WorldTalk $10.00 

Vodafone UK Big Value Bundle Plans.
Period Talk Text Data Intnl Cost
30dy 3000 EU Mins Unlimited EU Text 20GB 4G Data World Talk $5 $65
30dy 1000 EU Mins Unlimited EU Text 6GB 4G Data World Talk $5 $50
30dy 200 EU Mins Unlimited EU Text 1GB 4G Data World Talk $5 $35
30dy 100 EU Mins 250 EU Text 100MB 4G Data World Talk $5 $25

4g The Vodafone UK Sim - now with up to 20 Gigabytes of 4G LTE Data in the UK and 60 "Euro Passport" countries. You can now do what you like all over Europe without the worry of a phone bill. This is an ideal sim for a multi country trip, or a European Cruise or a single country visit. From Cyprus to Malta to Malaga to the Canary Islands to the Azores and to Iceland, to Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania and even Turkey and all in between - You are covered. Please take a look a the map.

With Euro Passport Big Bundles, you get up to 3000 minutes and Unlimited texts valid for calls and texts to EU numbers, up to 20 Gigabytes of 4G Data and $5 MRSIM WorldTalk for International Calls.

Our MRSIM WorldTalk add-on supercharges this sim for excellent International calling. With WorldTalk you take advantage of EU calling by dialing our local access number. Once on our calling bridge you can call internationally for pennies. Best of all we include $5 of WorldTalk with every bundle offer.

- * Hotspot and tethering is supported in all "Euro Passport" destinations. Bring your unlocked 4G Smartphone for the best service possible and stay connected while on Holiday without silly roaming charges.

Vodafone UK Euro Passport Call Rates

Incoming calls and text messages - UNLIMITED FREE.
Local calls - Direct dial the EU using 3000 included minutes Other destinations - Use our World Talk feature (3000 mins)
International calls - Use our World Talk feature (up to 3000 mins)
Local text - 3000 text included to EU numbers.
International text - 3000 text included to EU numbers. Use Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage.

You can add extra cash to your line to text other numbers or we suggest you use an app such as Pinger or Skype or iMessage or WhatsApp or Line or Facebook Messenger. These apps all use your massive data allowance to stay in touch.
When you arrive a "Euro Passport" destination and first power on your phone, you will receive a welcome message from "Vodafone" that will advise rates for local and international calls from that destination. These rates apply to direct dialed local and international calls and texts. These are calls outside of your included bundle.

Euro Passport

Euro Passport lets you take your UK allowance away with you to 60 destinations around the world, to call or text back to the EU or to get online. So you can use your phone or device, just like you would at home in the EU. Additionally, you won’t be charged to receive a call or text while you’re away on travel. You have the additional advantage of 4G speed across the Vodafone network and Hotspot / Tethering at 4G speed is included.

So what are the Euro Passport destinations?

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, French Territories (including Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Vatican City.

What about other calls abroad – to local numbers for example?
Calls and texts to numbers outside of the EU, aren’t part of Euro Passport and won’t come out of your allowance. You’ll be charged at the standard roaming rate for your destination. When you arrive in a Euro Passport destination Vodafone will send you a message to tell you what these charges are. This is where MRSIM WorldTalk come into play. WorldTalk allows you to use your included minutes and our calling bridge to place international calls that are included in the bundle. How cool is that!

MRSIM WorldTalk.

Save on International Calls with MRSIM WorldTalk
You can make cheap international calls to 75+ countries with our WorldTalk add-on.
- Just dial the local access number i.e. UK - +442034146820, (See List).
- Listen to the message
- Dial 00 + country code and number followed by "#".
Your call will go through.

See the list of 75+ Countries included.

Vodafone UK data Configuration

If you need help updating the settings for your phone you can visit www.vodafone.co.uk/settings or you can contact Vodafone at www.vodafone.co.uk/support and they will be happy to assist you in configuring the phone.
iPhone / iPad - Set the APN - "pp.vodafone.co.uk".

Android Devices
Name: Vodafone UK
APN: "pp.vodafone.co.uk"
Username:  wap
Password:  wap
MMSC: http://mms.um.vodafone.uk:10021/mmsc
MMS Proxy: mms.vodafone.co.uk
MMS Port: 8799
MCC: 234
MNC: 20
APN Type: default,supl,mms

Alternatively Text WEB to 40127 (free from your Vodafone mobile). You’ll receive a text to let you know your settings are on their way, and then a second text with instructions or a notification – simply follow the steps.

Vodafone UK Phone

Your Phone Number

Your phone number is printed on a sticker which is on the back of your sim packet. it’s the number above the barcode starting 07:
(44) is the country code, the other eleven digits are the number - in this case 07387854950.
To call the number above from the USA, I would dial +44 7387854950 or 011 44 7387854950.
Too call the number from the UK, I would dial 07387854950.
Other ways to find your number:

1. Call or text someone.
2. Dial *#100# from the phone and the number will be displayed on the screen.

Activation / Initialization Procedure

Please insert the sim card into your phone and power it on approximately 1 week before travel. The Vodafone UK network will initialize the line. You will receive a text message that should read the following:
"Hello. Welcome to the USA. As you're in our Rest of the World Zone 1, it costs 50p/min to make a call and 30p/min to receive one. Texts are 7p and picture messages are 55p. Any data you use is 10p./MB. For terms and info go to....."
Once you see this message, the sim card is alive.
Several days before travel we will fund the sim and send you an instruction for you to activate your plan. The plan is activated by sending a text message with a plan trigger to 2345 from your line.

Activate the Big Bundle Plan
BB1 - TEXT 05BIGVALUE to 2345
BB2 - TEXT 10BIGVALUE to 2345
BB3 - TEXT 20BIGVALUE to 2345
BB4 - TEXT 30BIGVALUE to 2345

If you use up your allowance before the 30-day period is over, you can renew your Big Value Bundle early to get more minutes, texts and data.

To renew your Big Value Bundle, just text:

BVB05 to 49501 to renew your £5 Bundle
BVB10 to 49501 to renew your £10 Bundle
BVB20 to 49501 to renew your £20 Bundle
BVB30 to 49501 to renew your £30 Bundle

Ensure "Cellular Data is OFF" until you send the SMS to activate data and travel to a "Euro Passport" country. If Cellular Data is on and you are roaming, you will consume the balance loaded to the line and you will not have enough cash on the line to activate the selected data plan. In this case you will have to topup the line to activate your data plan.

Messages are free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile and can only be sent from the phone you want to apply the bundle to.

With Total Rollover, unused data will be automatically taken into your Big Value Bundle allowance for the next 30 days, as long as you’ve not changed your Big Value Bundle, renewed it early, or don’t have enough credit to renew it.

Top-up with a voucher.
You can get a top-up voucher or use electronic recharge from mrsimcard.com using the refill box at top right. We will add the recharge voucher directly to your line.

You can also topup at any supermarket, book store or petrol station that shows the top-up logo in the UK. Please note that it is difficult to purchase Vodafone uk refill vouchers locally in "Euro Passport" destinations. You can buy a top-up for £5, £10, £20. You'll get a printed voucher, or a voucher by email that looks like a receipt with a 12 digit number printed on it.
Once you’ve bought a top-up voucher, call 2345 free from your Vodafone phone and chose option 1. Enter the 12 digit number printed across the receipt. Once you’ve entered the voucher code, your account will be topped up.
You can also dial *#1345* followed by your TopUp voucher number and then # (for example *#1345*123456789123#).
You can also Top up by text. Go to www.vodafone.co.uk/topupbytext for more info. This method requires a UK credit card.

The best method for international visitors to the UK / EU is topup by voucher or by electronic recharge by mrsimcard.

How it Works

1. Order Sim and advise us your travel date.
2. Once you receive your sim card, please put it into your phone so the sim card can wake up. This is an important first step.
3. We will fund the sim just before your stated travel date.
4. Turn Cellular data OFF before activation.
5. Insert the sim and power the the phone.
6. Turn Data Roaming ON if necessary.
7. Send the SMS to activate your Big Bundle.
8. Once you receive confirmation, you can turn cellular data back on.
9. Set the APN "pp.vodafone.co.uk" . Set the Username and Password to "wap".
10. Enjoy!

Check your Balance

You can check your balance at any time

To see your balance on screen, dial *#1345# free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile. You can also call 2345 free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile.
If you don’t have your mobile with you, call the Pay as you go credit line on +44 (0)3333 048048 from any other mobile or landline (standard call charges apply).

View your Mobile number

You can view your Vodafone number on your cell phone screen:
•  Dial *#100# and press send.

Vodafone UK Info

Vodafone UK English speaking Customer Service is available at 191 from the mobile or +44 7836 191191 from other lines. You can contact an adviser Monday to Sunday, 8am - 9pm GMT.

How do I use 20 Gigs Data.

Download Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger. You can use these apps to stay connected while overseas. These applications work over your 20 Gigs of data and they work like a charm. WhatsApp and Viber will check to see which of your existing contacts already have the app installed, so they appear in your contacts. You will message and call them right from the App.
Get them all. These Apps are free and work across multiple platforms so you are not limited to messaging others who have the same phone.

Calling using WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp Calling, you can place a call to your friends using WhatsApp for free, even if they're in another country. Currently, WhatsApp Calling is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp Calling uses your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes.

Add Friends to WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to chat with a friend over WhatsApp:
1. Make sure the person you are trying to contact has WhatsApp installed.

2 Ensure that you have their number saved in proper international format on your phone. + (Country code) (phone number)
i.e. +1-703-9534567.

3 Inside of the app, go to the Favorites tab, press the button, and select Refresh Favorites.

Refill Vodafone UK.

Type your number Here (eg..07387854950)

World Talk Addon:

..more info | Access #'s | Rates

Need Help - Call +1-703-953-2272
Tweet to @mrsimcard
Send an SMS to +1-703-953-4567



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