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BTC Bahamas Call Rates ** Now even lower!

All prepaid accounts receive caller id, call waiting, multiparty calling and voicemail free of charge. Call rates are USD/Minute.
Incoming calls - Free Incoming Calls - Yea!.
Local calls - $0.33USD 7am-7pm, $0.15USD 7pm-7am, $0.20USD Sat-Sun.
International calls - $0.40USD - Yea!
Local text - $0.05USD.
International text - $0.15USD. (See BTC Bahamas Tariff).

How to Dial

BTC Long Distance offers competitive international rates with direct dialing.
To direct-dial the USA or Canada, dial 1 - area code - number.
To call other countries dial + - Country code - number.

Questions - Send SMS / iMessage / WhatsApp to +1.703.9534567
Call +1-7039532272 / +44.7700304300 for
Sim Support Washington DC, USA.


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