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How it Works

1. Order Sim and plan online. We will ship it to you from Washington DC. Please note that you can order now for travel now or later. We will schedule activation to suit.. The sim is not sent to you active. Activation will take place just before your arrival.

2. We will activate the line by adding airtime to it 2 to 5 days before you travel to the Bahamas. Look for the scheduling email from us.

3. Please provide us your device IMEI so we can register it with BTC before you arrive. This will allow you to subscribe to data from your device. Go ahead and register your device now. There is no need to wait until just before arrival. Do it now. Ensure you register the IMEI of the device you will use to subscribe to data; not the device you are using the sim in.

4. Arrive the Bahamas. Insert the sim. Power cycle the the phone.

5. Start the data service by dialing the code provided to start data.

6. Configure data and Enjoy! iPhones and iPads configure themselves automatically.
-- Note - Activation issues - Latest update

What about my Sim Card

Go ahead and order a sim card. Your sim is shipped dormant with a phone number attached. We can make it active by adding funds to the line.
Email/iMessage to support@mrsimcard.com or
Send a text to +17039534567 or
Send a tweet to @mrsimcard, or
Call +1-703-953-2272 to advise your departure date when your weather window opens. We will activate the service straight away. We need your Order Number / Shopper ID to look up your order.

Sim Size

All sims start as a standard sim. The standard sim fits most GSM phones and the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.
  • iPhone 2, 3G, 3GS - Standard Sim
  • iPhone 4, 4S - Micro Sim
  • iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+,7,8, X- Nano Sim

BTC Device Registration

In order to use data in the Bahamas your device must register on the BTC network and be associated with your sim card / phone number. Some networks do this automatically when the device powers on. BTC does not. You must register the device with BTC to subscribe to data.
You can walk into a BTC store where a representative will take your info and register the device. Once this is complete you can then subscribe to data from your phone.
You can provide us your device IMEI using the registration form. We will email the info to BTC. They will register the device and confirm to us via email. Once this is complete you can then subscribe to data from your phone.

If you do not register the device, you will not be able to subscribe to data from the device.

Questions - Send SMS / iMessage / WhatsApp to +1.703.9534567
Call +1-7039532272 / +44.7700304300 for
Sim Support Washington DC, USA.


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