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Bahamas Data Specs

What device frequencies are used in the Bahamas?
The following device settings are compatible:
Talk / Text - BTC uses 850 MHz and 1900 MHz
Data (4G/4G) - BTC uses 850 MHz for HSPA+ (4G) and HSPA (3G)
Data (LTE) - BTC uses 700 MHz for LTE (4G LTE) using band 17

**Note - You will need to insert this sim into a phone to start the data service. Once this is done, you will insert the sim into your data device and set the apn to begin using data.
The data sim works in iPads, tablets, mifi routers, blackberries..etc. You can always add more data if needed while in the Bahamas.

BTC Bahamas 4G Data Plan

BTC Bahamas offers GPRS, EDGE, 4G, and even 4G LTE data service. There are four 30 day plans available. The user subscribes via sms from the handset. The service is subscribed via a data menu. Dial *205# and "Send" to subscribe, but wait until arrival on island to start data. The feature pricing is below and is paid for by deducting the appropriate amount from the balance on your line.

10 days / ~($0USD) - 1GB
30 days / ~($10USD) - 2GB


Using your iPad in the Bahamas

Yes you can. Your iPad does not have a dial-pad, so you will need to insert the iPad sim into a phone to use the phones dial-pad to subscribe to data. Dial *205# and "send" to subscribe. Follow the on screen menu to complete data subscription. You can then insert the sim into the iPad, set the APN (internet.btcbahamas.com) and Enjoy. Order your iPad sim above.

Device Configuration
APN - internet.btcbahamas.com

APN - ppmms1.btcbahamas.com
IP address -
Port - 8080
Username - test
Password - test

APN - ppwap1.btcbahamas.com
IP address -
Port - 8080
Username - test
Password - test

BTC Device Registration

In order to use data in the Bahamas your device must register on the BTC network and be associated with your sim card / phone number. Some networks do this automatically when the device powers on. BTC does not. You must register the device with BTC to subscribe to data.
You can walk into a BTC store where a representative will take your info and register the device. Once this is complete you can then subscribe to data from your phone.
You can provide us your device IMEI using the registration form. We will email the info to BTC. They will register the device and confirm to us via email. Once this is complete you can then subscribe to data from your phone.

If you do not register the device, you will not be able to subscribe to data from the device.

Configure Your Android

Please watch the above video for steps to configure data on an android phone.

Questions - Send SMS / iMessage / WhatsApp to +1.703.9534567
Call +1-7039532272 / +44.7700304300 for
Sim Support Washington DC, USA.


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