Lycamobile USA Sim

Lycamobile has the largest national high speed network in the USA. The Lycamobile sim includes unlimited USA talk, unlimited global texts, unlimited 3G data with bundles at 5G speed. Data can be used for personal hotspot and tethering if your phone is capable. International calls to 70+ countries including Canada and Mexico are included.

How it Works
1. Order Lycamobile USA Sim.
2. We will ship your sim and schedule activation.
3. Activation: Insert the sim and power the phone.
4. Configure data if necessary.
5. Send an SMS to +17039534567 with your order number for activation.
**We ship worldwide.
Lycamobile USA with 5G Data.

+ Sim $2.99
+ Svc Chg $4.99

30 Day Plans .
Plan Intnl Calls Talk Text 5G Data Cost
#1 UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 2GB $19
#2 $1.50 & UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 3GB $23
#3 $2.50 & UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 7GB $29
#4 UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 15GB $33
#5 $10.00 & UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 15GB $39
#6 UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 40 GB $50
#7 UNL Intnl calls UNL UNL 60 GB $59

Your Lycamobile USA Includes:
1. Unlimited international calling from the USA to USA and 70+ countries.
2. International credit bonus - use it for calls and texts outside your allowance.
3. Unlimited FREE calls to Lycamobile numbers worldwide
4. Unlimited USA and International Texting in included
5. Hotspot / Tethering is included - No extra charge!
6. Unlimited Data with an allotment of 5G high speed data included

Refill your prepaid line here
Unlimited USA Call Rates

Incoming calls and text messages - Unlimited FREE.
Local calls - Unlimited
International calls - Unlimited international talk to 70+ countries.
Local text - Unlimited.
International text - Unlimited International SMS.

International Calling Feature.

Certain plans include unlimited international talk to the specified countries. Unlimited usage applies for the first 10 unique dialed numbers only. The list of countries is always subject to change. Please verify your country by calling Lyca at 611 from the phone.
The most recent country list includes unlimited calls to (* denotes to landline & mobile, otherwise landline-only):
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh (unlimited landline + 600 min mobile), Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada*, Chile, China*, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Hong Kong*, Iceland, India*, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Mexico (unlimited landline + 600 min mobile), Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland (unlimited landline + 600 min mobile), Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore*, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand*, Turkey, UK, Venezuela

International Texting Feature

Unlimited International texting now includes 100+ countries.

Data Settings
Configuring Data
You should be able to use everything as soon as you pop in your Lycamobile USA sim card. If you find a particular feature that is not working we have provided the steps and settings you can enter manually.

Tethering is allowed. If you are using iPhone/iPad then you need the APN only -

Configuring iPhone for MMS is easy. Tap on Setting>Cellular>Cellular data options. Set the APN, LTE APN and MMS APN to Make certain the settings below are set as well.

MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 1048576

Now go to Settings>Messages and toggle "MMS Messaging" ON. Let the phone settle for a minute or two and your are good to go.

Data Usage / Balance

There is no short code to Check data balance on Lycamobile USA.
Customers of MRSIMCARD can send an sms: "LDB" to our Lyca Concierge at +15169867746 and we will (as a courtesy) check your data balance and respond via SMS.
This service is available 1000 - 1600 EDT Monday - Friday. If you bought elsewhere - Please call Lyca Customer Service direct at 612, option 1, option 7, option 0 from your phone and ask an agent for help.

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Lycamobile Info

Lycamobile Customer Service is available at 1-845-301-1612.
- Lycamobile Carrier FAQ site - Click here
- The Lycamobile Quick Reference Guide (.pdf) - Click here


Need Help
- Send SMS - +1-703-953-4567 with "ref lyca" in the subject.
- Call +1-703-953-4567
- Tweet to @mrsimcard #askmrsim

Prepaid Tips / Tricks:
Quick Reference Guide.
121 Voicemail.
611 Recharge.
*611*PIN# Recharge on Screen.
612 Customer Service.
611 Check your balance.
*611# Check your balance on Screen.
*613# View your number on Screen.
*619# Check your plan.

hotel Hotel Delivery USA
We can deliver your sim card directly to your hotel. With "Hotel Delivery" your order will be dispatched to your hotel and we will notify the hotel that the package is on the way. Your order will await for your arrival.
Upgrade from regular shipping to Express service.

Fedex Hotel Delivery - $9.99 - Buy Now!
Fedex Overnight delivery - $21.99 - Buy Now!

SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp
Message to +1.703.9534567

Call Sim Support Washington DC, USA.

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