Order MrSim World Talk

Input your "mobile number" or "shopper id".

How it works

You can add World Talk to any mobile or land line number. We need a number and a start date to add the feature. Pick a bundle, pay and we do the rest. Once you are activated you can dial a local access number from our list, listen to the message and dial the number your want to call followed by #.

Low cost International calling.

You can make cheap international calls to 75+ countries with our WorldTalk add-on.
- Just dial the local access number. Customers with UK (Three, O2, Vodafone) lines who are outside of Europe should call the UK Access number only
See Access Numbers List
- Listen to the message
- Dial 00 + country code and number followed by the "#".
- Your call will go through.
- List of Countries / included destinations for 30 day bundles. -
75+ Included destinations

Available Bundles

You can order world talk unlimited for 1, 5, 7 or 15 days. There is also a 30 Student bundle for European Sim Cards and Students traveling for semester abroad. Special cost is $5.
Just tell us the number we should enroll in world talk and the date you want to begin.
We'll do the rest.

Questions - Send an SMS / iMessage / WhatsApp.
Message to +1.703.9534567
Call Sim Support Washington DC, USA.