Global Roaming Sim Cards

Mobile phone calls and text messages can be very expensive while traveling abroad. Sometimes you need to place an important call or maybe its a matter of staying in touch. A global roaming sim card is a perfect solution for an international traveler.

The Global Sim Card works with your unlocked quad band GSM phone and comes with a unique phone number allowing your contacts to reach you worldwide. Most often the global sim will feature free incoming calls in 100+ countries. Our Global sim cards are popular with students, vacationers, business travelers, government, international media, military personnel, oil and gas industry workers.

If you want to use your mobile phone abroad, but don't fancy the roaming charges, then a Global Sim card is your best solution.

Simply Roam Global data sim

Simply Roam Global 3G Data Sim.

Our SimplyRoam is a sim card giving you access to global Internet in any device. You have complete control. With an innovative portal, market-leading prices and easy-to-use prepaid bundles, you can surf the Internet safely whenever and wherever you travel. ...Learn more

Simply Roam Global Data Standard Sim: $14.99 -Buy Now
Simply Roam Global Data Micro Sim: $16.99 -Buy Now
Simply Roam Global Data Nano Sim: $16.99 -Buy Now

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