BLU T177 Jenny Unlocked Phone

The phone has some exceptional multimedia features for a basic phone but a micro SD card is required to use most of the multimedia features. Volume is great and your will see that the battery life is better than average.

Using the BLU Jenny T177

Important buttons: center input button with left, right, up, down scrolling.
soft keys - are above the answer and end call keys.

Turn on/off: press and hold the end call key - release when on or off.

Menu: shortcut press left soft key.

Phone book: shortcut press right soft key.

Flashlight on/off: shortcut press and hold center input button -
release when on or off.

Change language: press left soft key - scroll down to settings (wrench symbol) -

scroll down to option 4 phone settings (Spanish/Portugues

Configuracion del telefono) - scroll to option 2 language

(Spanish/Portugues Idiorna) press center input button -

scroll to English - Press center input button or OK.

Speaker phone : press right soft key on - press right soft key again off.

Adjust Media Volume : press asterisk key to lower volume - press hash/pound key to increase volume.

Vibrate on/off: press and hold # key (lower right corner).

Lock keys: at home screen press and release center input button -
then quickly press * key (lower left corner) a key symbol
appears on screen. Repeat steps to unlock keys.
(to answer a call in lock mode press the answer key).
(to make a call the keys must be unlocked).

Lock keys auto: press left soft key - scroll to settings (wrench symbol) -
scroll to security settings - scroll to auto keypad lock -
select auto lock setting (recommend 30 seconds or more).

Voicemail: press and hold 1 key to set or check.

Ringtone volume: at home screen press up scroll key - select general -
select option 2 customize - scroll to option 4 (ringtone volume) -
press center input button - scroll right or left to
Increase/decrease volume.

Call +1-7039532272 / +44.7700304300 to place an order
Sim Support Washington DC, USA.


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