Net 10 Wireless USA Sim Card

Net 10 Wireless USA Sim Card Offers

1. Net 10 Replacement Sim Only - $14.99 -BUYNOW
2. Net 10 Replacement Micro Sim Only - $17.99 -BUYNOW
2. Net 10 Replacement Nano Sim Only - $17.99 -BUYNOW

1. 30 day Unlimited Talk/Text/Data - $89.99 -BUYNOW
2. 15 day Unlimited Talk/Text/Data - $84.99 -BUYNOW

3. 30 day Unlimited + International Calls - This plan includes Unlimited USA cellular Service for calls (including 411), texting & web in the U.S., a special Bonus of 400 Minutes to mobiles in Mexico. Unlimited international calls applies to up to 15 unique international numbers per 30-Day period. **Restrictions and limitations apply. $99.99 -BUYNOW

iPhone 3GS & Net 10 Wireless USA Sim Package
Unlocked iPhone 3GS Including a Net 10 Wireless Sim with 30 days unlimited Service.

iPhone 3GS lets you browse the web, check email, listen to music, take 3-megapixel photos, record video, and more. It also comes with access to the world's largest collection of mobile apps on the Ap
$319.99 - BUYNOW

Our Net 10 Wireless USA sim card comes loaded with 15 or 30 days of Unlimited USA Talk, Unlimited USA SMS, and 1.5 GIGS 4G/3G data on the AT&T USA Network. Data speed on iPhone is 3G. The sim card will work all over the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. There are two plan increments; unlimited, and unlimited with international calls. Net 10 Wireless USA uses the 850Mhz/1900Mhz GSM band so make sure you have a quad band GSM phone ready for your trip to the USA.

Net 10 Wireless USA Call Rates
Incoming calls and text messages - UNLIMITED FREE.
Local calls - UNLIMITED FREE.
International calls - UNLIMITED FREE to Landline and sometimes cellular (see chart).
International text - officially not included. (But it seems to work) :)

The Deal on International Calling
Unlimited International calling to certain destinations can be included. (See below offer). Please note that international calling to other destinations and to mobiles is not part of the International offer.
For a full fledged international calling product we suggest you get the Tel3 Advantage which allows low cost calls as low as 1.4c/min. Download the Tel3 app and avoid using international access numbers. There is no subscription or commitment to Tel3 Advantage. Just low cost calling.

Net 10 Wireless USA Add-On Features

Prepaid Data Service
Prepaid 3G data service will work in your unlocked iPhone, Smartphone..etc. Blackberry service is not available. Micro sims are available.

DATA settings:
NAME: mrsimcard
APN: att.mvno
Port: 80
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
APN type :

We will email you a data configuration file at activation for iPhone / iPad. Just click on the data config file to get data working.

Prepaid General Information

You can get support for your Net 10 Wireless service 24 hours a day at The Net 10 Wireless Help Centre or from a dedicated expert by calling toll free +1 855- 333 2355

Tethering with your iPhone is not supported by the Net 10 Wireless network.


Refill Net 10 Wireless USA
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Questions - Contact Customer Care at +1-7039532272 or +61.2801.55590 or +44.7700304300 from your wireless phone. You can also send an email to Please follow us on Twitter.

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Net 10 Wireless

Net 10 Wireless USA Sim Card

Net 10 Wireless USA Sim Card

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