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Just Prepaid Mobile AustraliaJUST Mobile Telecom provides some of the best mobile deals available in Australia. Whether you're interested in a Prepaid cap or the 30c Prepaid Plan, JUST has something you'll find hard to resist. JUST mobile takes pride in being a company that provides an honest, up-front mobile service with great rates and excellent customer service. Just Mobile Telecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commtel (Australia) Pty Ltd, an Australian company that entered the mobile telecommunications market in 2003. Just Mobile runs on the Vodafone Network.


Just Mobile Australia Sim Card

image Australia Prepaid Sim - Free Incoming/ .39c International Calls

Just Mobile Prepaid AustraliaIncoming calls and texts while in Australia are FREE, regardless of where they originate. Pay the local rate for local calls and use your world cell phone in Australia like you do at home. Calls to the US are just AU$0.30 (approx. US$0.26) per minute. No contract or no credit check. (get more details). $19.99

o o mobile global travelsim

image Global Roaming Prepaid Sim Card with $5 in airtime.

OOMobile Global Roaming Sim This sim comes with a +372 Global Number. You will have FREE incoming calls in over 112 countries on a sim that works in 160+ Countries with the lowest call rates possible. (..learn more) Your Calling credit does not expire for 12 months. $24.99

Motorola V3 -"Grab N Go"

image Unlocked Quad band GSM 3G World Phone

ZTE Z221 - GlobalThe Motorola V3 - Designed to meet your voice needs, lets you call or text while on the go. The Motorola V3 is quad band GSM and features include Bluetooth, SpeakerPhone, and music player (MP3/AAC+/MPEG4). All the basics you need wrapped in a sleek, easy-to-use flip device with a VGA camera. more phones! Grab a V3 and get out there!
Sale Price -$69.99 -BUYNOW

JUST Prepaid Plans

JUST Prepaid have a range of plans to suit the way you use your mobile. You can choose the JUST Prepaid plan that is right for you, and change it when you need, so you’re always getting the best value.

You can choose between our standard prepaid minute plan with no flagfall or our range of Prepaid Caps with heaps of great inclusions. Either way, you’ll get great value to use your mobile when you want, and still stay in charge of your mobile spend.

30c Prepaid Plan

  • 0.30c AUD per minute to local, national, mobile and 0.39c AUD to over 100 international destinations
  • No flagfall (connection fee)
  • 15c AUD sms
  • 180 day call credit expiry
  • Per second billing

Recharge vouchers: $10, $20, $30, $50, $100

The 30c Prepaid Plan is the most popular with visitors to Australia. Its most straight forward and there is no flagfall (connection fee). Be careful of the "Prepaid Cap" plans as the calling rate jumps when you exceed the cap and there is a flagfall (connection fee) associated with these plans.

Prepaid Cap (Bundles)

  • Pay $19 get $60
  • Pay $29 get $130
  • Pay $39 get $190
  • 39c per 30 sec block (+ 30c connection fee)
  • 30 day call credit expiry

Great services included our Prepaid Caps:

  • Standard & International calls
  • Standard & International sms
  • Standard & International picture messaging
  • Standard & International video calls
  • Voicemail
  • 1223 - Directory assistance
  • 123 ‘Ask us Anything’
  • 13, 15 & 18 numbers

What’s not included in our caps:

  • Premium sms, e.g. sms voting & sms competitions
  • Premium numbers e.g. 1900 numbers & competitions
  • International roaming
  • Mobile commerce transactions

How it works

Prepaid customers pay for their phone use in advance, by purchasing recharge vouchers. JUST provides recharge vouchers in $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 denominations for the 30c Prepaid plan or $19, $29 & $39 for our Prepaid Caps.

After you buy your recharge voucher, call the special recharge line from your JUST mobile (888) and enter the voucher number. Your credit is then immediately available to use. Calls and text are charged according to the rates tables on the prepaid rates page.

Switching Prepaid plans

Yes! You can switch between JUST Prepaid plans without having to port, change your mobile number or lose service.

When you initially Activate a new JUST Prepaid SIM you will automatically be connected to the JUST Prepaid 39c Plan. You can switch from the 39c Prepaid Plan to a JUST Prepaid Cap Plan at any time.

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