- Virgin Mobile UK Sim Card

Virgin Mobile UK Sim Card

Virgin Mobile UK is a brand you know. A part of the Virgin Group - The company was the world's first Mobile Virtual Network Operator, launched in 1999. As an MVNO, Virgin operates on the T-Mobile/Orange UK network, giving them awesome 99.4% coverage nationwide. Virgin has excellent coverage in the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Shetland Islands.

The Addict tariff is Virgin's simple Pay As You Go tariff that gives you great rewards whenever you top up.

With the Addict tariff you'll get:

  • 300 free texts when you top up a total of £10 a month
  • Free unlimited texts and 1GB Mobile Web when you top up a total of £15 a month
  • Five free Call Back texts a month (that means you can text your friends asking them to call you when you've run out of credit)

Virgin Mobile UK Addict Tariff Call Rates
Incoming calls and text messages - UNLIMITED FREE.
Local calls - £0.26GBP to UK Mobile or Landline
International calls - £0.26GBP to USA. Check it
Local text - £10.00GBP recharge gets 300 free local texts.
International text - £0.20GBP (See Virgin Mobile UK Tariff).

October Sale
Virgin Mobile UK Sim Card Offers
1. Virgin Mobile UK Sim Card - $9.99 - BUYNOW
2. Virgin Mobile UK iPhone Micro Sim - $12.99 - BUYNOW
3. Virgin Mobile UK iPad Micro Sim Card - $12.99 - BUYNOW
4. Virgin Mobile UK Blackberry Sim Card - $12.99 - BUYNOW

Virgin Mobile UK Add-On Features

UK Blackberry Bundle
bb9300No contract just all the great benefits of a BlackBerry® smartphone including BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry® email. Get a weekly or a monthly blackberry data pass.

Weekly pass: £2 GBP
Monthly pass: £5 GBP

To buy a pass you need to do the following: Text either ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ to 789030
This will activate your first BlackBerry session. You will need to do this every time you wish to get a Pass. The cost of the pass will come off your airtime balance

UK Data Bundle
Topup £15GBP to enjoy 1GB data valid 30 days. This is UK data. there is an international data feature for use on the continent.
If you want to get set up for Virgin Mobile services like picture messaging, mobile internet, email on your phone, you can click here to get the settings for your phone from Virgin Media.
The Virgin APN: "".
Username: "user".
Password: "leave blank".

EU Roaming Data Bundle
You can purchase a 7 day data bundle for use while on the continent. See Roaming Tariff.

There are 3 on offer:
7 day 5MB Travel Pass £6 - Text 'BUY 5MB' to 23456
7 day 10MB Travel Pass £12 - Text 'BUY 10MB' to 23456
7 day 20MB Travel Pass £24 - Text 'BUY 20MB' to 23456

Virgin Mobile UK Info
How do I setup my phone or access Voicemail - Click here Virgin Mobile UK Customer Service is available 24/7 at "789" from the handset or +44-845 6000 789 from landline, OR SEE - Virgin Mobile UK FAQ's - Click here

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Questions - Contact Customer Care at +1-7039532272 or +61.2801.55590 or +44.7700304300 from your wireless phone. You can also send an email to Please follow us on Twitter.

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Virgin Mobile UK

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Virgin Mobile UK Sim Card

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