A1 Austria B Free Sim (+43) Number

B.free is the pay-as-you-go product of A1, the market leader in the mobile communications sector in Austria. With a customer base of more than 4 million users, you are part of the largest mobile community in the country. With B.free there is No Contract required, and the customer has full cost control as part of the best mobile network in Austria.

A1 Austria B Free Call Rates
Incoming calls and text messages - UNLIMITED FREE.
Local calls - 0.05EUR to other A1, B.free Mobiles, 0.15EUR to other AT mobile networks and landline.
International calls - 0.00EUR to USA. Check it
Local text - 0.05EUR.
International text - 0.05EUR

October Sale
A1 Austria B Free Sim Card Offers
1. Sim Card with $0USD loaded - $29.99 - BUYNOW
2. Micro Sim Card with $0USD loaded - $32.99 - BUYNOW
3. Nano Sim Card with $0USD loaded - $32.99 - BUYNOW

A1 Austria B Free Add-On Features

bfreesmart B.free Data Bundle (iPhone/Android)
There is a sweet little plan called B.free Smart; designed for smartphone users. You activate the plan by adding 20 EUR to the line and sending an sms (text message) "JA" (German for "Yes") to 2955. The network will respond confirming the plan subscription. The network will deduct 15 EUR from your account balance. This will leave you 5 EUR extra. Click on the image above to see a larger view of the plan.

Checking your balance
Just dial * 1 0 1 # and press the call key. You will immediately receive a text message with your current balance. This service is free of charge.

Topping up credit.
You can easily top up your credit by entering the following key combination directly from your B.free mobile:
1. Enter *102* and the 13-digit numerical code on the B.free voucher, and press # (e.g. *102 * 1234567890123 # ).
2. Press the call key and that is it! After topping up successfully you will receive a confirmation text message including your current credit balance.

Voicemail Setup
To listen to messages in your A1 voice mail from your mobile, dial 66477.
You can also access your A1 voice mail from another mobile phone, from a landline or from abroad: dial +43 664 77 and your 7-digit Bfree phone number. Interrupt your greeting message by pressing # and enter your 4-digit voice mail password (next to your PIN in your Bfree Welcome Package).

The default communication language for your A1 voice mail is German, but it can be changed to English: Just dial 66477 and as soon as you hear the A1 voice mail information in German, press the key combination * 3 3 2.

Questions - Contact Customer Care at +1-7039532272 or +61.2801.55590 or +44.7520763500 from your wireless phone. You can also send an email to support@mrsimcard.com. Please follow us on Twitter.

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A1 Austria B Free

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